Strategic Initiatives

Theme A : Increase liveability to enhance quality of life

  • Address housing affordability and diversity
  • Continue to improve public safety and cleanliness
  • Enhance welfare and care systems
  • Diversify recreation, sports, arts and culture facilities

Theme B : Upgrade the economy to raise household incomes

  • Advance readiness of local manufacturing industries for the digital age and the green economy
  • Modernise and diversify sustainable agriculture
  • Create a variety of quality tourism products across island and mainland
  • Foster an ecosystem that nurtures creative industries and niche business services

Theme C : Empower people to strengthen civic participation

  • Uplift vulnerable communities and reduce inequalities
  • Boost participation of youth, women and seniors in community life
  • Create more platforms for public involvement in social development
  • Accelerate program delivery and institutional reform

Theme D : Invest in the built environment to improve resilience

  • Balance development through effective spatial planning
  • Strengthen mobility, connectivity and digital infrastructure
  • Integrate municipal services with smart technologies
  • Implement climate change adaptation plans